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Volume 15(2)/2022

First pages, 2022, AACL Bioflux 15(2):i-viii.

Purbomartono C., Hapsari A. N., Susanto, Samadan G. M., 2022 Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) flour diet in gourami (Osphronemus gourami) hatchery with biofloc system. AACL Bioflux 15(2):585-592.

Manullang O. R., Prasetiawan A., Sitorus P. A., 2022 Analysis of port breakwater boundaries in optimizing fishing areas in Batang integrated industrial area. AACL Bioflux 15(2):593-607.

Siaila S., Rumerung D., 2022 Analysis of the profitability of small pelagic capture fisheries in Ambon City, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):608-620.

Yusuf M. A., Yaqin K., Wicaksono E. A., Tahir A., 2022 Abundance and characteristics of microplastics in Lake Towuti, East Luwu, South Sulawesi. AACL Bioflux 15(2):621-631.

Sinyo Y., Anggoro S., Soeprobowati T. R., 2022 Proximate content of Teredo navalis (Linnaeus 1758) mollusk from mangrove habitats in East Halmahera, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):632-640.

Aida S. N., Ridho M. R., Saleh E., Utomo A. D., 2022 Distribution of phytoplankton based on the water quality of Bengawan Solo River, Central Java. AACL Bioflux 15(2):641-651.

Darmawaty, Abubakar S., Kepel R. C., Djamaluddin R., Wahidin N., Rina, Subur R., Sabar M., Kadir M. A., Akbar N., 2022 Fish community structure based on density and coverage of seagrass meadows in North Oba, Tidore Islands, North Maluku. AACL Bioflux 15(2):652-661.

Susilo H., Darmansyah O., Erwiantono, Saleha O., Gunawan B. I., Haqiqiansyah G., Abdusysyahid S., Purnamasari E., Syafril M., Sugiharto E., Fahrizal W., Maryanto F., 2022 Technical, economic, and allocative efficiencies of small-scale brackish water pond culture in Mahakam Delta, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):662-670.

Fitri A. D. P., Hapsari T. D., Sabdono A., Adiyanto F., Fitriyani A., 2022 Study on the effect of scoop net towards Stolephorus indicus and Sardinella fimbriata capture in Cilacap waters, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):671-681.

Rabadon M. L. L., Damaso M. F., Corpuz M. N. C., 2022 Multivariate analyses of microbial concentration and environmental variables in pond-based penaeid shrimp culture systems. AACL Bioflux 15(2):682-690.

Firdaus M., Hatanaka K., Saville R., Zamroni A., 2022 A study on economic ripple effect and small-scale mariculture micro data: an insight of current evidence in Provinces of Bali and Lampung, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):691-706.

Purnama M. F., Sirza L. O. M. J., Salwiayah, Abdullah, Nurhikma, Anwar K., Suwarjoyowirayatno, 2022 Freshwater Neritidae in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):707-715.

Yusuf M., Yonata D., Pranata B., Nurhidajah, 2022 Utilization of swimming crab by-product as a seafood flavor microcapsules obtained by spray drying. AACL Bioflux 15(2):716-724.

Taqwa F. H., Supriyono E., Budiardi T., Setiawati M., Affandi R., 2022 The secondary stres responses of transported glass eel (Anguilla bicolor bicolor) with various packing densities. AACL Bioflux 15(2):725-736.

Sanaya O. V., 2022 Probiotics as means of discus fish (Symphysodon haraldi) disease prevention in aquaculture. AACL Bioflux 15(2):737-743.

Carman O., Hartami P., Ibrahim Y., Nasrullah H., Alimuddin, Sulistyowati D. T., Zairin M. Jr., Rahman, 2022 Reproduction, growth, fillet proportion and proximate of tetraploid x diploid-derived striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) triploid. AACL Bioflux 15(2):744-757.

Hang B. T. B., Tuan N. T., Duyen T. T. M., Kamei K., Hoa T. T. T., 2022 Dietary supplementation of Premna serratifolia and Punica granatum enhance innate immune response and disease resistance in striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) against Edwardsiella ictaluri. AACL Bioflux 15(2):758-773.

Syaifullah S., Luqyana S., Tjong D. H., Zakaria I. J., Roesma D. I., 2022 Haplotype network of three species of Anguilla (freshwater eels) in West Sumatra, Indonesia based on Cytochrome b gene. AACL Bioflux 15(2):774-787.

Vo T. T., Dinh Q. M., 2022 Otolith morphology and its relationship with the fish size in Butis humeralis (Valenciennes, 1837) from Mekong Delta, Vietnam. AACL Bioflux 15(2):788-795.

Ganzon M. A. N., Demayo C. G., 2022 Fish diversity in selected small lakes in Mindanao, Philippines. AACL Bioflux 15(2):796-810.

Tumembouw S. S., Lumenta C., Rompas R. M., Paulus J. J. H., 2022 Analysis of organochlorine insecticides in seaweed Kappaphycus alvarezii. AACL Bioflux 15(2):811-818.

Ha N. T. K., Thang L. H., Em N. T., Giang T. T., Phuong N. T., Huong D. T. T., 2022 Effects of acidic sulfate water on growth, survival, and digestive enzyme activities of striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) fingerlings. AACL Bioflux 15(2):819-829.

Subandiyono S., Hastuti S., 2022 Growth performances, feed utilization and hematological parameters of the carp (Cyprinus carpio), according to the dietary glutamate. AACL Bioflux 15(2):830-839.

Suryaningsih S., Rismawati L. A., Sukmaningrum S., 2022 Sexual dimorphism in razorbelly scad (Alepes kleinii) based on morphology, meristic and truss-based morphometric characters. AACL Bioflux 15(2):840-853.

Isnaini, Bengen D. G., Prartono T., Arifin Z., 2022 Fish composition and distribution patterns in the seagrass ecosystem of Lampung Bay waters, Lampung Province, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):854-865.

Dewita, Syahrul, Sukmiwati M., Hidayat T., 2022 Characteristic and shell life of the surimi by-product from patin fillet, for fishball use. AACL Bioflux 15(2):866-872.

Kaiser F., Harbach H., 2022 InnoFish - innovative adaptation of integrated aquaculture in an established extensive fish farm. AACL Bioflux 15(2):873-877.

Masagca J. T., Latorre I. T., Trinidad M. L. S., 2022 Freshwater fishes found in Pajo-Sto. Domingo River system in Catanduanes Island, Philippines. AACL Bioflux 15(2):878-884.

Nadia L. M. H., Suptijah P., Huli L. O., Nurmaladewi, Satrah V. N., 2022 Antibacterial activity of micro-chitosan obtained from vannamei shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in Southeast-Sulawesi, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):885-892.

Dahlia, Anggoro S., Gunawan B. I., 2022 Factors affecting the small-scale fishermen welfare in Bontang, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):893-899.

Tu T. L. C., Lan T. T. P., Phu T. M., Hien T. T. T., 2022 Growth and utilization of energy, protein and amino acids in snakehead Channa striata at different feeding rates exposed to temperature and salinity. AACL Bioflux 15(2):900-911.

Kilawati Y., Maimunah Y., Amrillah A. M., Kartikasari D. P., Bhawiyuga A., 2022 Characterization of water qualitiesy using IoT (Internet of Things), plankton and expression of virus-like particles in vannamei shrimp ponds of different constructions. AACL Bioflux 15(2):912-926.

Awad J. E. I. E., Okba Z., Talborjt E. H. A., Ouizgani H. E., 2022 Feeding habit and prey selection of anchovy, Engraulis encrasicolus (Engraulidae), from the Moroccan Atlantic coast. AACL Bioflux 15(2):927-940.

Farrag M. M. S., 2022 Toxicity pattern of pufferfish Lagocephalus sceleratus (Gmelin, 1789), Mediterranean Sea, Egypt: awareness and food safety. AACL Bioflux 15(2):941-962.

Kusumawardhani H. A., Susilowati I., Hadiyanto, 2022 The prospective path of small-scale fishermen: From vulnerable to viable condition (A study in Tegal Regency-Central Java Province, Indonesia). AACL Bioflux 15(2):963-977.

Amir F., Mallawa A., Tresnati J., 2022 Population dynamics of Prionace glauca, using length frequency in the waters of Makassar Strait, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):978-987.

Hudaidah S., Putri B., Supono, Santanumurti M. B, 2022 First report of Spirulina sp. performance in wastewater of Cromileptes altivelis aquaculture in Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):988-1002.

Zakaria I. J. Fitra R., Amelia Sriwahyuni Lubis A. S., Efrizal, Febria F. A., Zuhrisyam, and Izmiarti, 2022 Feed quality using fig (Ficus racemosa) flour as a substitute for soybean flour meal for gourami fish (Osphronemus goramy). AACL Bioflux 15(2):1003-1012.

Lukistyowati I., Tang U. M., Putra I., Fauzi M., Suharman I., Rusliadi R., Alfinda R., Nurahmad A., Effendi I., 2022 Growth performance and survival rate of Asian swamp eel in biofloc systems with different stocking density. AACL Bioflux 15(2):1013-1020.

Linayati L., Yahya M. Z., Mardiana T. Y., Soeprapto H., 2022 The effect of Aloe vera powder on phagocytosis activity and growth of Litopenaeus vannamei. AACL Bioflux 15(2):1021-1029.

Sambah A. B., Rachman M. F., Harlyan L. I., Rahman M. A., 2021 Habitat suitability analysis for the olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) nesting using geospatial approach. AACL Bioflux 15(2):1030-1039.

Nasution S., Mardalisa M., Effendi I., Nedi S., 2022 Species identification and molecular analysis of the mangrove Bivalvia (Pharella acutidens) from Rupat Strait waters, Indonesia based on COI mtDNA. AACL Bioflux 15(2):1040-1049.

Kadir I. A., Serosero R., Harahap Z. A., 2022 Characteristics of boat bagan for squid (Loligo chinensis) fishing at Kao Bay, North Maluku, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 15(2):1050-1060.

Supono, Pinem R. T., Sarida M., 2022 The growth performance of the Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) cultured at various salinity conditions using single step acclimation. AACL Bioflux 15(2):1061-1066.

Elouahli A., Barcha S. E. I., Sammoudi R., Fekhaoui M., 2022 Trophic status and impact of the filling rate on eutrophication of the MBAK dam. AACL Bioflux 15(2):1067-1082.

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