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Volume 14(3)/2021

First pages, 2021, AACL Bioflux 14(3):i-viii.

Rukminasari N., Tahir A., 2021 Dinoflagellate cyst composition, abundance, and assemblages in surface sediment of Paotere Port, Makassar, Eastern Indonesia: preliminary study for dinoflagellate cyst identification and collection. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1107-1117.

Tienh A. L., Setiyono B., Soemarmi A., Trihastuti N., Setyawanta L. T., 2021 Efforts in maintaining fisheries potential in the North Natuna Sea: Indonesian government policy against illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing seen from the Global Maritime Fulcrum perspective. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1118-1125.

Indrayani I., Haslianti H., Asmariani A., Muskita W. H., Ardiansyah, Hidayat H., 2021Growth and lipid production of a newly isolated microalga Nannochloropsis sp. UHO3 at increasing salinity. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1126-1137.

Harlina H., Kasnir M., Rosmiati R., Hamdillah A., Wamnebo M. I., 2021 The effectiveness of Chromolaena odorata extract and histopathological change in tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) challenged with Vibrio harveyi. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1138-1149.

Yusuf H. N., Suman A., Suhermanto A., Yeka A., Syamson I., Rahmani R. M., Fitri Y., Kusmedy B., Nugraha E., 2021 The growth rate of banana shrimp (Fenneropenaeus indicus) in Seneboy Waters, South Sorong, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1150-1162.

Guntur G., Asadi M. A., Purba K., 2021 Ingestion of microplastics by anchovies of the Madura Strait, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1163-1170.

Putri A. R. S., Zainuddin M., Musbir M., Mustapha M. A., Hidayat R., Putri R. S., 2021 Spatial distribution of potential fishing grounds for skipjack tuna Katsuwonus pelamis in the Makassar Strait, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1171-1180.

Saputra S. W., Taufani W. T., 2021 Population parameters and exploitation rate of Indian mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) on the Java's North Coast. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1181-1189.

Maro J. F., Hartoko A., Anggoro S., Muskananfola M. R., Nugraha E., 2021 Sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a concentrations from MODIS satellite data and presence of cetaceans in Savu, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1190-1200.

Nguyen Ngoc T., Yaemkong S., Jaipong P., Kotham P., Do Anh M., 2021 Effects of earthworm (Perionyx excavates) inclusion to the growth, feed utilization and lipid composition of common carp (Cyprinus carpio). AACL Bioflux 14(3):1201-1212.

Herawati E. Y., Maziyyah S., Munir M., Perdanawati R. A., Khasanah R. I., 2021 Relationship between coral fish community structure and coral cover in Paiton Waters, Probolinggo-East Java, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1213-1221.

Kanchan C., Panchai K., Imjai P., Chantabut L., Kanchan N., Chaiyara A., 2021 Effects of antibiotics and medicinal plants extracts against Aeromonas hydrophila isolated from Rana rugulosa in Thailand. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1222-1230.

Darmawan J., Pribadi T. D. K., Haryadi J., 2021 The effect of gradual decrease in pH level on the survival rate and glucose levels of catfish (Pangasius sp.). AACL Bioflux 14(3):1231-1241.

Fuad H., Hidayati N., Darmawati S., Munandar H., Sulistyaningtyas A. R., Ernanto A. R., Muchlissin S. I., Zilda D. S., Nurrahman N., Ethica S. N., 2021 Exploration of bacteria isolated from “rusip” fermented tissue of sand sea cucumber Holothuria scabra with fibrinolytic, anticoagulant and antiplatelet activities. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1242-1258.

Andriawan S., Hermawan D., Maidah E. N., Cahyani D., Sanoesi E., Maftuch, 2021 Anti-inflammatory effects of Holothuria scabra extract on Pangasianodon hypophthalmus tissues infected with Aeromonas hydrophila. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1259-1270.

Ridwan A., Awaludin, Lisnawati L., 2021 Potential of red spinach (Amaranthus tricolor) extract in shortening the molting duration of vannamei shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). AACL Bioflux 14(3):1271-1281.

Suprianto D., Effendi I., Budiardi T., Widanarni, Diatin I., Hadiroseyani Y., 2021 Evaluation of aquaculture development in the minapolitan area of Merangin Regency, Jambi Province, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1282-1294.

Santoso M. P. T., Putra A. S., Hendriyani R. M., Nopiana M., 2021 Implementation strategy of mangrove area conservation based on social capital development: A case study in the east coastal area of Karawang Regency, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1295-1307.

El Fajri N., Prianto E., Adriman, Sibagariang R. D., Batubara U.M., Yusuf M., Riana A. D., 2021 Capture fishery management status through the ecosystem approach on fish resources domain in Sungai Apit sub-district, Siak district. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1308-1316.

Eddiwan, Sukendi, Siregar Y. I., Saam Z., Yusuf M., Sabiq M., 2021 Designing management of sustainable shrimp cultivation area in East Lingga, Lingga District. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1317-1325.

Achyani R., Bengen D. G., Prartono T., Riani E., 2021 The histological existence and evaluation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in milk fish (Chanos chanos) and hard clam (Meretrix spp.) in the coastal waters of Tarakan City, North Kalimantan, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1326-1337.

Mulyasari G., Irham, Waluyati L. R., Suryantini A., 2021 Integration of various methods for poverty evaluation on fishermen’s household on the Northern Coast of Central Java, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1338-1350.

Alkausar R., Juliasih N. L. G. R., Buhani, Syafei, Nurachman Z., Setiawan A., 2021 Chromatographic isolation of ß-phycoerythrin from Porphyridium cruentum using ceramic hydroxyapatite. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1351-1358.

Srithongthum S., Au H. L., Amornsakun T., Musikarun P., Fatihah S. N., Halid N. F. A., Lim L. S., 2021 Observation on the embryonic development of Sultan fish, Leptobarbus hoevenii. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1359-1364.

Purbomartono C., Habibah U., Wahyuningtyas R. A., Husin A., Samadan G. M., 2021 Growth and immunity of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) with dietary inclusion of ginger (Zingiber officinalis) and turmeric (Curcuma domestica). AACL Bioflux 14(3):1365-1372.

Amriana, Sari K. D., Sriwulan, Anshary H., 2021 Morphological and molecular description of Argulus indicus Weber, 1892 (Crustacea: Branchiura) found from striped snakehead fish (Channa striata) in Lake Towuti, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1373-1382.

Putra R. D., Yunianto A. H., Prayetno E., Putra S. M., Nusyirwan D., Nugraha S., Ritonga A. R., Kusuma H. A., Setyono D. E. D., 2021 The spatial distribution of potential fishing grounds in Riau Archipelago, identified with MODIS-AQUA, based on monsoon seasons differences. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1383-1395.

Kuts U. S., Tarasjuk S. I., Hrytsyniak I. I., Zaloilo O. V., Kurynenko H. A., 2021 A comparative analysis of Amur carp (Cyprinus rubrofuscus) produced from native and cryopreserved sperm using microsatellite loci. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1396-1405.

Elfitasari T., Sya'rani L., Albert, 2021 Fishpreneur: a new paradigm of small-scale aquaculture. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1406-1416.

Prasetiawan A., Zainuri M., Winarno, Wijayanto D., 2021 Safety and security management of traditional shipping in Tanjung Emas Port of Semarang. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1417-1430.

Firman N. F. A., Noor A., Zakir M., Maming M., Yusuf S., Fathurrahman A. F., 2021 Grain size and mineralogical characteristics of reef island sediments in Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1431-1439.

Bhagawati D., Nuryanto A., Rofiqoh A. A., 2021 First report of the parasitic crustacean rhizocephala on female Albunea symmysta from Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1440-1450.

Rozirwan, Melki, Apri R., Nugroho R. Y., Fauziyah, Agussalim A., Iskandar I., 2021 Assessment of phytoplankton community structure in Musi Estuary, South Sumatra, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1451-1463.

Belfetmi N. Z., Daas T., Maamcha O., 2021 The effects of total hydrocarbons on the polychaete Perinereis cultrifera (Grübe, 1840): Impacts on morphometric aspects and biochemical markers. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1464-1477.

Phan G. H., Linh L. T. T., Dinh Q. M., Truong N. T., Nguyen T. H. D., 2021 Length-weight relationship, growth pattern and condition factor of Glossogobius giuris caught from coastal areas in the Mekong Delta. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1478-1485.

Almaniar S., Rozirwan, Herpandi, 2021 Abundance and diversity of macrobenthos at Tanjung Api-Api waters, South Sumatra, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1486-1497.

Robisalmi A., Alipin K., Gunadi B., 2021 Growth performance and microstructure muscle fiber of red tilapia (Oreochromis spp.) under different cycles of fasting and refeeding. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1498-1512.

Hermawan D., Andriawan S., Yusuf M., Riana A. D., Masriah A., Suryahman A., Sabiq M., 2021 Sustainability and feasibility analysis of the skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) fishery in Buhung Pitoe Island, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1513-1523.

Mustafa A. M., 2021 Effects of replacement of fishmeal with other alternative protein sources in the feed on hydrochemical and technological parameters in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus). AACL Bioflux 14(3):1524-1533.

Pamukas N. A., Tang U. M., Mulyadi, 2021 Hematology of Asian redtail catfish (Hemibagrus nemurus) in different stocking densities using an aquaponic recirculation system. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1534-1547.

Hamid A., Kamri S., 2021 Bycatch biodiversity of blue swimming crab (Portunus pelagicus) fisheries in Kolono Bay, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1548-1560.

Wijayanto D., Bambang A. N., Wibovo B. A., Mudzakir A. K., 2021 The characteristics of demand for fresh shrimp in Semarang City, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1561-1569.

Chilmawati D., Suminto S., Subandiyono S., Harwanto D., 2021 Performance of growth, nutrition value, total carotene, EPA, and DHA in eel (Anguilla bicolor) in the culture with enrichment of earthworm (Lumbricus sp.) flour. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1570-1580.

Haeruddin, Widowati I., Rahman A., Rumanti M., Iryanthony S. B., 2021 Bioconcentration of lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) in green-lipped mussels (Perna viridis) in the coastal waters of Semarang Bay, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1581-1595.

Maro J. F., Hartoko A., Anggoro S., Muskananfola M. R., Toruan L. N. L., Dakahamapu M., Nugraha E., 2021 The appearance of the humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) during the rainy season in the Alor Waters, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1596-1608.

Lotfy A. M. A., Elhetawy A. I. G., Habiba M. M., Abdel-Rahim M. M., 2021 A comparative study on the effects of seawater and underground saltwater on water quality, growth, feed utilization, fish biomass, digestive system development, and blood health in gilthead seabream, Sparus aurata. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1609-1621.

Sugihartono M., Ghofur M., Sandra A. A., 2021 Latency time and egg hatching rate of sangkuriang catfish (Clarias gariepinus) using ovaprim hormone and broiler's hypophyseal extract combination. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1622-1630.

Alam M. A., Parvez I., Ara Y., Khan M. N., Nehrin S., Mahajebin T., Hassan M. M., 2021 Phylogenetic relations of the cyprinid fishes (Cyprinidae) in Bangladesh inferred from morphological traits and cytochrome b gene sequences. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1631-1644.

Mokolensang J. F., Mantiri D. M. H., Manoppo H., Pangkey H., Manu L., 2021 Utilization of tuna by-product and blood meal as a protein ingredient from animal waste product as a diet of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1645-1650.

Wicaksono E. A., Werorilangi S., Tahir A., 2021 Microplastic occurrence in Venus clam Marcia hiantina (Veneridae) in Tallo Estuary, Makassar, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1651-1657.

Sunadji S., Rebhung F., Liufeto F. C., 2021 The contribution of seaweed farmer’s wife to household income at Kupang Regency, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1658-1664.

Suryono C. A., Subagiyo, Sabdono A., 2021 Chlorpyrifos pesticide-degrading bacteria isolated from bivalves of Surabaya coastal waters, East Java, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1665-1674.

Ajana R., Techetach M., Aghzar A., Aksissou M., Saoud Y., 2021 Histological and morphological aspects of the sexual organs and condition in Octopus vulgaris from Moroccan Mediterranean waters. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1675-1684.

Sepri, Hartoko A., Saputra S. W., Ghofar A., Nugraha E., 2021 Impact of El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), variability on skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) catches in the fisheries management area (FMA) 715, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1685-1694.

Truong N. T., Phan G. H., Dinh Q. M., Nguyen T. H. D., Nguyen T. T. K., 2021 Growth and condition factor of the commercial goby Glossogobius sparsipapillus living along Bassac River, Vietnam. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1695-1701.

Alamsah S., Wibowo B., Tambunan K., Krisnafi Y., Wibowo Y. A., Firdaus A. N., Widianto D. I., 2021 Strength and structure of traditional fisheries lift nets against flow power in Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1702-1714

Abualreesh M. H., 2021 Biodiversity and contribution of natural foods in tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) aquaculture pond system: A review. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1715-1726.

Hernández-López M., Luna-Vivaldo I., 2021 Life history traits of Endler’s fish (Poecilia wingei). AACL Bioflux 14(3):1727-1733.

Margono, Anggadiredja  J. T., Nurhudah M., 2021 Effectiveness of seaweed (Caulerpa lentillifera) as biofilter in vanamei shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) culture. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1734-1746.

Rakhmawati R., Suprayudi M. A., Setiawati M., Widanarni W., Zairin Jr. M., Jusadi D., 2021 Effect of dietary chromium to improve immune response in red tilapia (Oreochromis sp.). AACL Bioflux 14(3):1747-1757.

Sulastri, Nasution S. H., Akhdiana I., 2021 Temporal variation of physico-chemical characteristics and phytoplankton composition of three urban lakes in Cibinong, West Java, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1758-1768.

Iromo H., Farizah N., Puryono, 2021 The application of thyroxine hormone and Melastoma malabatrichum leaf extract as stimulators in gonadal maturation of Scylla serrata in traditional ponds. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1769-1777.

Anna Z., Djuari J., Khan A. M. A., 2021 Covid-19 impacts on small-scale tuna fisheries operation in eastern Indonesia: a preliminary snapshot study of pole-and-line and handline tuna fishers' perceptions. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1778-1785.

Wijayanto D., Wibowo B. A., Setiyanto I., 2021 The strategy of capture fisheries development in Rembang Regency. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1786-1800.

Tao C. T., Hai T. N., Terahara T., Hoa N. V., 2021 Influence of stocking density on survival and growth of larval and postlarval white leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei Boone, 1931) applied biofloc technology. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1801-1810.

Wahidah, Rusli A., Rajamuddin M. A. L., Amrullah, 2021 The morphological characters of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) produced with bull testicle powder extract application. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1811-1817.

Mulyaningrum S. R. H., Haryati, Aslamyah S., Laining A., 2021 Cellulolytic bacteria isolated from agar waste as candidate seaweed fermentation agents in rabbitfish (Siganus guttatus) feed bioprocessing. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1818-1827.

Jamal E. S., Ambalavanan L., Iehata S., Zainathan S. C., 2021 A review on marine viruses in sponges and seawater. AACL Bioflux 14(3):1828-1854.

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