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Volume 14(2)/2021

First pages, 2021, AACL Bioflux 14(2):i-viii.

Asriyana A., Halili H., 2021 Diversity of Mullidae as by-catch of Plotosidae fishery in the waters of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):621-634.

Khairul, Machrizal R., Dimenta R. H., Rambe B. H., Hanum F., Limbong C. H., 2021 The population dynamics of Helostoma temminckii in the swampy waters of Barumun River, South Labuhan Batu Regency, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):635-642.

Sufardin, Sriwulan, Anshary H., 2021 Bacteria associated with Trichodina sp. infection of barramundi, Lates calcarifer in a fish farm in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):643-654.

Nurrahmawan M. E., Oktafitria D., Purnobasuki H., Ermavitalini D., Jadid N., 2021 In vitro shoot micropropagation of Gracilaria verrucosa using plant growth dual regulators. AACL Bioflux 14(2):655-663.

Daso J. M., Arquisal I. B., Yuto C. M. M., Mondejar E. P., 2021 Species diversity of Odonata in Bolyok Falls, Naawan, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. AACL Bioflux 14(2):664-671.

Arshad N. M., Ghaffar M. A., Mohtar N. F., 2021 Optimization of extraction procedures and characterization of fish gelatin from fringescale sardinella (Sardinella fimbriata) bones. AACL Bioflux 14(2):672-682.

Sabilu K., Supriyono E., Nirmala K., Jusadi D., Widanarni W., 2021 Sedimentary waste nutrients, water quality and production profiles of intensive Penaeus vannamei culture reared in low salinities. AACL Bioflux 14(2):683-694.

Imjai P., Rujinanont N., Gawborisut S., Srisakultiew P., 2021 Anesthetic efficiency of Spilanthes acmella on anesthesia, haematocrit and histopathology of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus. AACL Bioflux 14(2):695-703.

Asrial E., Hamid, Marzuki M., Rosadi E., Khasanah R. I., Bintoro G., Sulystyaningsih N. D., Nuryadin R., 2021 Fisheries biology and population dynamics: Key attributes for scyphozoan fisheries resources management in Saleh Bay, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):704-717.

Fujaya Y., Haryati, Sriwulan, Nurkamilah B. T., Muawwana, Niswar M., 2021 The effect of recirculating aquaculture system on blue swimming crab (Portunus pelagicus Linnaeus, 1758) instar crablet growth and survival rate. AACL Bioflux 14(2):718-724.

Moore A. M., Jompa J., Tassakka A. C. M. A. R., Yasir I., Ndobe S., Umar W., Gold Z., Barber P. H., 2021 Sharks and rays (Chondrichthyes) around Banggai Island, Banggai MPA, Indonesia: biodiversity data from an environmental DNA pilot study. AACL Bioflux 14(2):725-745.

Jamal M., Ihsan, Sari D. P., Nadiarti N., 2021 Biological aspects of shortfin scad (Decapterus macrosoma) in Bulukumba Regency, Gulf of Bone, Indonesia based on purse seine catch. AACL Bioflux 14(2):746-753.

Susilo H., Saleha Q., Darmansyah O., Oktawati N. O., Maryanto F., Zulkarnain, Erwiantono, 2021 Determinants of fish farmers’ welfare in brackish water pond culture in Indonesia: fish farmer terms of trade index. AACL Bioflux 14(2):754-761.

Nugraha F. P. S., Rahardjo S., Saputra A., 2021 Survival and growth performance of snakehead juvenile (Channa striata) with various dosages of Terminalia catappa leaf powder. AACL Bioflux 14(2):762-773.

Anhichem M., Benbrahim S., Idrissi M., Chfiri R., Yahyaoui A., 2021 Environmental state of the Merja Zerga lagoon in Moulay Bousselham, Morocco: Metallic contamination levels and origins in sediments. AACL Bioflux 14(2):774-785.

Anhichem M., Yahyaoui A., Adil O., Bessa A., Benbrahim S., 2021 Evaluation of the growth potential and contamination of the European clam (Ruditapes decussatus), raised using the suspension culture technique at the Oualidia lagoon in Morocco. AACL Bioflux 14(2):786-803.

Riza S., Gevisioner G., Suprijanto J., Widowati I., Putra I., Effendi I., 2021 Farming and food safety analysis of blood cockles (Anadara granosa) from Rokan Hilir, Riau, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):804-812.

Rapi N. L., Mallawa A., Amir F., Tresnati J., 2021 Growth and mortality of grey reef shark Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides in Makassar Strait, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):813-820.

Hidayat R., Zainuddin M., 2021 Characteristics of skipjack tuna fisheries using FAD and non-FAD methods: an important step for fisheries management in The Gulf of Bone and Flores Sea, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):821-831.

Ng T. T., Sung Y. Y., Danish-Daniel M., Sorgeloos P., de Peer Y. V., Wong L. L., Tan M. P., 2021 Genetic variation of domesticated discus (Symphysodon spp.). AACL Bioflux 14(2):832-840.

Tran C. C., Nguyen T. H. D., Nguyen H. T. T., Vo L. T. T., Phan G. H., Dinh Q. M., 2021 The intraspecific and spatio-temporal variations in relative gut length and gastro-somatic indexes of Glossogobius sparsipapillus in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. AACL Bioflux 14(2):841-848.

Dailami M., Rahmawati A., Saleky D., Toha A. H. A., 2021 DNA barcoding of tilapia fish from Merauke, Papua and Malang, East Java-Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):849-858.

Istrianto K., Widagdo A., Prasetyono U., Suryana A., 2021 Crab fisheries on the north coast of the Karawang region, West Java, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):859-865.

Lubis A. S., Zakaria I. J., Efrizal, 2021 Organoleptic, physical and chemical tests of formulated feed for Panulirus homarus enriched with spinach extract. AACL Bioflux 14(2):866-873.

Benyahkoub Y., Wariaghli F., Fekhaoui M., Yahyaoui A., 2021 SWOT analysis of Louisiana crayfish Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852) valorization in Morocco. AACL Bioflux 14(2):874-883.

Windarto A. B., Rampengan R. M., Opa E. T., Pratasik S. B., 2021 Study of meiobenthos community in Manado Beach, North Sulawesi. AACL Bioflux 14(2):884-896.

Sambah A. B., Muamanah A., Harlyan L. I., Lelono T. D., Iranawati F., Sartimbul A., 2021 Sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a distribution from Himawari satellite and its relation to yellowfin tuna in the Indian Ocean. AACL Bioflux 14(2):897-909.

Nadiarti N., La Nafie Y. A., Priosambodo D., Husain A. A. A., 2021 Significant effect of human trampling on subtidal seagrass beds. AACL Bioflux 14(2):910-917.

Mardiansyah, Prasetyo D., Putri L. S. E., 2021 Cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis Ehrenberg, 1831) as a bioindicator of microplastic pollution. AACL Bioflux 14(2):918-930.

Nadia L. O. A. R., Ramli M., Nadia L. O. M. H., Purnama M. F., Male I., 2021 The richness of reef fish community in an environmentally-friendly bioreeftech area of the Staring Bay, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):931-941.

Tadjuddah M., Wianti N. I., Suriana, Taufik Y., Abdullah S., Wunawarsih I. A., 2021 Paradoxical livelihoods in an open resource area: trawler and blue swimming crab fisher dynamic conflict constellation in Tiworo Strait. AACL Bioflux 14(2):942-952.

Hartati H., Martini S. E., Marissa F., Ridhowati S., 2021 Sustainability study of household scale fisheries management using RAPFISH modified method: a case study in Sungsang 1, Banyuasin II District. AACL Bioflux 14(2):953-964.

Budijono, Tang U. M., Putra R. M., Nofrizal, 2021 Dynamic of water fertility in Koto Panjang Reservoir, Riau Province, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):965-975.

Rauf A., Wamnebo M. I., Fattah M. H., Harlina H., Asni A., 2021 Cultivation of seaweed using the basic stocking system in floating net cages on Salemo Island, Pangkep Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):976-980.

Widowati I., Zainuri M., Kusumaningrum H. P., Hardivillier Y., Leignel V., Bourgougnon N., Mouget J. L., 2021 Growth of shrimp infected by Vibrio, fed with formulated feed with inclusions of Dunaliella salina and Tetraselmis chuii extracts. AACL Bioflux 14(2):981-987.

Kantun W., Cahyono I., Kabangnga A., Riana A. D., 2021 Stock assessment of skipjack tuna Katsuwonus pelamis in Makassar Strait, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):988-995.

Imron M., Kurniawati V. R., Baskoro M. S., Susanto A., Kusnandar, 2021 Biotechnic and economic analysis of fish catching units in Larangan Coastal Fishing Port, Tegal District, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):996-1008.

Hoa N. V., Le T. H., 2021 Determination of appropriate fertilisation frequencies for optimising wild algae development. AACL Bioflux 14(2):1009-1020.

Suloma A., Gomaa A. H., Abo-Taleb M. A. A., Mola H. R. A., Khattab M. S., Mabroke R. S., 2021 Heterotrophic biofloc as a promising system to enhance nutrients waste recycling, dry diet acceptance and intestinal health status of European eel (Anguilla anguilla). AACL Bioflux 14(2):1021-1035.

Hasnidar H., Tamsil A., Wamnebo M. I., 2021 The effects of the amaranth extract (Amaranthus spp.) on the molting of orange mud crab (Scylla olivacea). AACL Bioflux 14(2):1036-1045.

Juniar A. E., Ambarwati R., Rahayu D. A., 2021 Genetic identification of Clithon oualaniense (Gastropoda: Neritidae) from Madura, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):1046-1056.

Tóth F., Révész N., Demény F., Uhljar A., Berzi-Nagy L., Molnár Z., Bíró J., Gál D., Kerepeczki É., Sándor Z. J., 2021 Effects of diets containing dried distiller’s grain with solubles (DDGS) on the water quality of the carp rearing ponds. AACL Bioflux 14(2):1057-1067.

Khasani I., Sopian A., 2021 Selection response and reproduction performance of selected giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). AACL Bioflux 14(2):1068-1077.

Kasnir M., Harlina H., Lideman L., Wamnebo M. I., Hamdillah A., 2021 Eucheuma cottonii soaking time in a solution of atonic growth stimulants and its effects on the growth rate of thallus in vitro. AACL Bioflux 14(2):1078-1088.

Farhum M. F., Jompa J., Restu M., Salman D., 2021 Management effectiveness of the Bunaken National Park, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 14(2):1089-1097.

Faudzi N. M., Sobri M. I., Othman R., Ching F. F., Shaleh S. R. M., 2021 Water temperature and stocking density for long-hour transportation of hybrid grouper Epinephelus fuscoguttatus x E. lanceolatus. AACL Bioflux 14(2):1098-1106.

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