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Volume 11(1)/2018

First pages, AACL Bioflux 11(1):i-vi.

Siagian M., Simarmata A. H., 2018 Trophic status of the lacustrine zone around the dam site of Koto Panjang Reservoir, Riau Province, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):1-9.

Sibero M. T., Herdikiawan D., Radjasa O. K., Sabdono A., Trianto A., Triningsih D. W., 2018 Antibacterial activity of sponge associated fungi against vibriosis agents in shrimp and its toxicity to Litopenaeus vannamei. AACL Bioflux 11(1):10-18.

Bawole R., Mudjirahayu, Rembet U. N. W. J., Amir A., Runtuboi F., Sala R., 2018 Exploitation rate of Plectropomus leopardus (Pisces: Serranidae) taken from Rumberpon Island water, Cenderawasih Bay National Park, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):19-28.

Trisyani N., 2018 Fishing technique and environmental factors affecting the size of razor clam Solen sp. in Indonesia coast. AACL Bioflux 11(1):29-36.

Ebi I., Lal T. M., Ransangan J., Yong A. S. K., Shapawi R., 2018 Susceptibility of hybrid grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus female x Epinephelus lanceolatus male) to Vibrio harveyi VHJR7. AACL Bioflux 11(1):37-42.

Makailipessy M. M., Thenu I. M., Abrahamsz J., 2018 Marine spatial utilization by local fisherman in West Kei Kecil Small Islands Park, Maluku Province, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):43-54.

Asadi M. A., Iranawati F., Andini A. W., 2018 Ecology of bivalves in the intertidal area of Gili Ketapang Island, East Java, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):55-65.

Asriyana, Irawati N., Indrayani, 2018 Trophic ecology of twoblotch ponyfish Nuchequula blochii in Kendari Bay, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):66-82.

Taati M. M., Shabanpour B., Ojagh M., 2018 Investigation on fish oil extraction by enzyme extraction and wet reduction methods and quality analysis. AACL Bioflux 11(1):83-90.

Rukminasari N., Sahabuddin S., Lukman M., 2018 Do increasing CO2 concentration impacted on changing phytoplankton assemblages? AACL Bioflux 11(1):91-100.

Widowati I., Zainuri M., Kusumaningrum H. P., Maesaroh Y., Hardivillier Y., Leignel V., Bourgougnon N., Mouget J.-L., 2018 Identification of agents causing vibriosis in Litopenaeus vannamei shrimp culture in Kendal, Central Java, Indonesia and application of microalgae Dunaliella salina and Tetraselmis chui as bio-control agents against vibriosis. AACL Bioflux 11(1):101-107.

Nur I., Yusnaini, 2018 Parasites and histopathology of infected spiny lobster Panulirus spp. cultured in outer of Kendari Bay, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):108-117.

Pattiasina T. F., Herewati E. Y., Semedi B., Sartimbul A., Pelasula D. D., Krey K., Mulyadi, 2018 Detecting and visualizing potential multiple coral reef regimes in Doreri Bay, Monokwari Regency, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):118-131.

Purnomo P. W., Afiati N., 2018 Post west monsoon planulae recruitment in damaged coastal corals of Panjang Island, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):132-142.

Razak M. R. M., Kassim Z., 2018 Comparison of horseshoe crabs (Tachypleus gigas) morphometry between different populations using allometric analysis. AACL Bioflux 11(1):143-157.

Kader M. A., Bulbul M., Abol-Munafi A. B., Sheriff S. B. M., Keong N. W., Ali M. E., Koshio S., 2018 Effect of replacing fishmeal with palm kernel meal supplemented with crude attractants on growth performance of Macrobrachium rosenbergii. AACL Bioflux 11(1):158-166.

Abdullah H. H., Rak A. E., Wei L. S., 2018 The impacts of monsoon and dry seasons on physical water quality changes and farmed Asian seabass Lates calcarifer (Bloch, 1790) mortality at Sri Tujuh lagoon, Tumpat, Kelantan, Malaysia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):167-183.

Rumampuk N. D., Rumengan I. F., Rompas R. M., Undap S. L., Boneka F. B., Jensen K. R., Lasut M. T., 2018 Tributyltin (TBT) contamination and impacts on imposex in Thalessa aculeata (Mollusca: Neogastropoda: Muricidae) in Minahasa Peninsula coastal waters, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):184-193.

Wariaghli F., Yahyaoui A., 2018 Anguillicoloides crassus (Nematoda: Dracunculoidea) infection in eels in Morrocan estuaries. AACL Bioflux 11(1):194-202.

Wibowo B., Sondita M. F. A., Iskandar B. H., Haluan J., Soeboer D. A., 2018 Size composition of tuna from purse seiner, longliner, trolling line and fishing lines in southern waters of Java, Indian Ocean, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):203-210.

Mogodan (Antache) A., Docan A., Dediu L., Grecu I., Cristea V., Petrea S. M., Cretu M., 2018 Effects of some phytobiotics on oxidative stress in Oreochromis niloticus reared in a recirculating aquaculture system. AACL Bioflux 11(1):211-220.

Wahidah, Amrullah, Dahlia, Idris A. P. S., 2018 Left-right asymmetry in the giant freshwater prawn population of Sulawesi. AACL Bioflux 11(1):221-225.

Aslamyah S., Karim M. Y., Badraeni, Tahya A. M., 2018 Effect of fermented seaweed addition on blood glucose level, hepatosomatic index, and gastric evacuation rate of milkfish, Chanos chanos larvae. AACL Bioflux 11(1):226-231.

Das P., Mukherjee S., Kar S., Das U., Kar D., Aditya G., 2018 Zooplankton as dietary component of selected freshwater fish: network analysis based on gut content. AACL Bioflux 11(1):232-244.

Manchih K., Fernandez Peralta L., Bensbai J., Najd A., Bekkali M., 2018 Distribution of black hakes Merluccius senegalensis and Merluccius polli along the Moroccan Atlantic coast. AACL Bioflux 11(1):245-258.

Teniwut W. A., Teniwut R. M. K., 2018 Minimizing the instability of seaweed cultivation productivity on rural coastal area: a case study from Indonesia, AACL Bioflux 11(1):259-271.

Dahlan M. A., Jannah M., Najamuddin, Omar S. B. A., Nur M., 2018 Aspects of reproductive biology of yellowtail fusilier fish (Caesio cuning Bloch, 1791) in Makassar water. AACL Bioflux 11(1):272-277.

Hashim M., Abidin D. A. Z., Das S. K., Mazlan A. G., 2018 Gastric emptying and food consumption of Scatophagus argus. AACL Bioflux 11(1):278-287.

Maryani, Rosita, Monalisa S. S., Rozik M., 2018 In vitro test of natural antibacterial activity of yellow-fruit moonseed Arcangelisia flava Merr. leaf on bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens under different doses. AACL Bioflux 11(1):288-294.

Musbir M., Sudirman, Mallawa A., Bohari R., 2018 Egg quantity of wild breeders of spiny lobster (Panulirus ornatus) caught from southern coastal waters of Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. AACL Bioflux 11(1):295-300.

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